Please do a patch test as advised on the bottle before application starts.

It is important to understand that there will be a few cycles in the healing process.

I prefer horses not to be clipped unless in full exercise and sweating a lot. When the hair grows back it can start the cycle of itchiness. If the horse has open wounds let them start to heal before applying spray in that area. I advise using the spray twice a day for 2 weeks. First spray onto a wet sponge. Not only will this make the product go further but will ensure that the coat, tail and mane get good coverage. After 2 weeks the customer should see a great improvement in hair growth, coat quality and healing of the sweet itch.

At about two weeks there will come a stage when the horse or pony gets a bit of dandruff. This is when to use Goodbye Flys shampoo. It may happen a little earlier or even later.

To use the shampoo, don’t dilute in a bucket. Spray on a sponge, work up a good lather and apply to a wet horse/pony. Start with the worst areas i.e. mane and tail so that they have the product on for the longest. Leave for at least 10/15 mins to soak into coat and relax the horse/pony’s itching. Next wash off and dry horse/pony. The owner will see great results. Typically, you will have a silky, smooth, soft coat and a relaxed horse. Finish by re-applying spray to the dry coat.

Follow the same routine for the next two weeks. The dandruff cycle can happen up to 3 times.

After a month the owner should see massive improvements in coat condition with healing and reduced itching. All horses are different and some may respond faster. I have seen results within 3 days.

In the second month it should only be applied once a day but you can continue to treat the worst affected areas, for example the mane and tail, twice a day.

The product can also be sprayed on stable walls to keep the midges out. This    helps to protect the horses/ponies from being bitten. It can also be sprayed on rugs. There may be a little staining but it easily washes out. For example, with Jack who is difficult to treat, I spray the inside of his rug twice a day before putting it on him. It soaks into his skin that way but the best results come from direct application to the skin.

The products will also give a fabulous shiny coat.

I hope you find this helpful. Kind Regards Sarah Dawe

GoodBye Flys